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Customer Service


Commercial Garbage Services

We provide a variety of commercial service options, each tailored to meet your specific needs.  From weekly service of small plastic roll carts for home-offices and weekly/twice-weekly/thrice-weekly service of mid-sized steel containers for restaurants and mid-sized businesses, all the way up to roll-off type drop boxes for industrial applications.  Service is billed on a monthly basis, and containers are scheduled to be dumped at least once every week on regular weekly schedules. (Listed rates effective 2/1/19.)

Cart Size:                       35 gal.                        65 gal.                        95 gal.

Weekly:                     $ 19.61/mo.               $ 27.92/mo.              $ 36.23/mo.

Container Size:

1 yd.               2 yd.               3 yd.               4 yd.**                5 yd.**               6 yd.**

Monthly charge; one dump per week:

$ 77.07       $ 138.97         $ 199.35          $ 253.11              $ 309.58            $ 363.82

Monthly charge; two dumps per week:

$ 144.14     $ 267.94         $ 388.70          $ 496.22              $ 609.16            $ 717.64

Monthly charge; three dumps per week:

$ 211.21     $ 396.91         $ 578.05          $ 739.33              $ 908.74          $ 1071.46

**Please note that containers over 3 yards in size are not available with wheels, and must be positioned for drive-up service.  If the driver is able to dump the container without exiting the cab, then special front-load discounts may apply.  Please do not overload the container.  Lids must close.  Extras may be placed next to the container for pick-up.  Additional charges will apply.  Prohibited items include: Appliances, tires, car batteries, paint, fluids, concrete, dirt, rock, TV’s, and computers.  We are able to collect these items separately for nominal fees.  Call our office staff for details.


We also provide a variety of recycling services to meet your business needs.  Within City limits, mixed recycling is included in the rates listed above, on an as needed basis.  We also offer mixed organics recycling for a monthly fee; contact our office for details.


If you need to construct an enclosure for your garbage containers, please give us a call.  We appreciate the opportunity to offer feedback that will help you design an enclosure that is adequately sized and constructed.  Poorly constructed enclosures limit your user’s access, your ability to recycle, or even your ability to increase service at a later date as your location’s needs change.  You can also view our Enclosure Guidelines.

Questions and Answers:

If you have any questions about your existing service, or if you’d like to set up service, please call our office staff at (503) 585-4300, or send us an email at

Residential Garbage Services

For Contact Info, Hours of Operation, Holiday Schedules, and Billing Information click here.

We provide a variety of service packages, with garbage service tailored to meet your specific needs.  Service packages are designed to encourage recycling by providing the largest possible containers for recyclables, and by charging a rate for the whole package based on the size of the garbage cart.  Curbside packages include weekly service of the garbage and organics, and every other week service of the recycling.  At the time of delivery, you will receive a handy, color-coded brochure that explains what can go into each container; as well as a color-coded calendar that tells you which weeks to put out the blue cart.

Service Guidelines:

  • All carts and bins need to be at the curb, with lids opening toward the street, no later than 6:00 a.m. on the regular collection day.
  • Please allow a minimum space of 4 ft. between containers or other obstacles, to allow for our automated grippers.
  • Please tightly seal lightweight items such as packing peanuts, tissues, or ashes to prevent blowing.
  • Please observe applicable weight restrictions per container: 60 lbs. per 35 gal., 120 lbs. per 65 gal., and 180 lbs. per 95 gal.  The rates for service are based upon the size of the garbage container.  Overflow may result in extra charges.
  • Please carefully observe all guidelines for recycling, as the viability of Oregon’s recycling markets depends on the processor’s ability to generate a clean, usable product.

Service Packages:

All packages include a 95 gallon green cart for mixed organics, a 95 gallon blue cart for mixed recyclables, a small red bin for glass, oil, paint, and batteries, and a grey cart for garbage.  The rate for the whole package is based on the size of the garbage cart.  Customers that are able to fit their household waste into a 20 gal. container may be eligible for exemption from participating in the yard debris program.  (Call our office for special reduced pricing.)  (Listed rates effective 2/1/19.)

Grey Cart:>>                        20 gal.                        35 gal.                        65 gal.

Monthly Rate:                  $ 24.62/mo.              $ 27.13/mo.              $ 36.33/mo.

Starting Service:

Just give our office a call at (503) 585-4300.  We’ll ask a few simple questions to set up the account, and then help you decide which size garbage container will best suit your needs.  We do require two months payment in advance to start service.  Payment can be made by credit card over the phone, by mailing a check or money order to our office; or you can pay us a visit during normal business hours.

Special Removal and Clean-Up Services

Are you cleaning out your garage?  Removing an old freezer from the basement?  Or clearing brush from your backyard?  We’ve been the Valley’s waste removal experts since 1957.  Efficient and economical, we can handle anything: Junk, appliances, furniture, tires, construction debris, yard waste, and e-waste…we do it all!  Call today for a free estimate: (503) 585-4300.

Temporary Containers

 We can deliver  2 or 3 yd. commercial containers for special clean-up projects.  All rates are based on weekly pick-up.  We can also pick up piles of loose material, if you don’t have enough material to make getting a container for a month cost effective.  (See “Special Removal and Clean-Up Services” tab above for more info.) Call us for a free estimate on the most economical disposal options.  Please do not overload the container.  Lids must close.  Extras may be placed next to container for pick-up.  Additional charges will apply.  Prohibited items include: Appliances, tires, car batteries, paint, fluids, concrete, dirt, rock, TV’s, and computers. We are able to collect these items separately for nominal fees.  Call our office for details, at (503) 585-4300.


Drop Boxes

For industrial-sized jobs, like roofing, we offer a variety of drop-box, or roll-off, containers.  They are available in 10, 20, and 30 yard sizes.  (If you don’t know how much material you have, the comparisons listed below may be helpful.)  Rates for service include one dump and 2 weekdays rent.  We do not charge rent over the weekend.  We may also be able to offer special rates for clean loads of wood, yard debris, or inert materials such as cement, bricks, etc.)  Drop boxes have doors on the back for easier loading.  All boxes have a load-weight limit of 20,000 lbs, and must be no more than level-filled.  Items cannot extend above the top rail of the box.  Prohibited items include: Appliances, tires, batteries, paint, liquids, concrete, dirt, rock, TVs and computers.  We are able to collect these items separately.  Additional charges may apply.  We do require 24 hrs. notice for weekday delivery or hauling of drop boxes.

How much material do I have?

Sometimes it’s hard to plan for, or describe over the phone, just how much material you have.

Below are some common container sizes with comparisons that may help a little:

20 gallon:           The size of the average kitchen trash can.

35 gallon:           The size of the average personal curbside garbage can.

95 gallon            The size of the blue recycling and green organic carts that you see around town.

1 yd.                    Roughly the volume of 2 – 95 gallon roll carts.

2 yd.                    The size of the average, American-built, pick-up truck bed.  (Level full)

10 yd.                  The average size of a regular dump truck body.

20 yd.                  A box with the following measurements: 16 ft. long, 7.5 ft. wide, 4.5 ft. tall

30 yd.                  A box with the following measurements: 20 ft. long, 7.5 ft. wide, 5.5 ft. tall

Calculating Roof Tear-Downs:

(These figures are based on asphalt shingles and need to be multiplied by the number of layers.)

In general, 100 sq. ft. of roofing = 1 Square.

Up to 30 Squares (3000 sq. ft.) = 10 yd. Drop Box

Up to 60 Squares (6000 sq. ft.) = 20 yd. Drop Box

Up to 90 Squares (9000 sq. ft.) = 30 yd. Drop Box

Medical Waste Containers / Sharps

Medical Waste:

Oregon law prohibits the disposal of medical waste sharps such as; syringes, lancets, and needles, in with the regular waste.  These items need to be handled separately in a specially designed, sealed, 1-gallon, “Sharps Container”, which will be incinerated at the Covanta facility in Brooks, OR.  For the safety of pets and children, we deliver and collect these containers directly to and from your front porch.

For residential service, just call our office at (503) 585-4300.

Commercial Medical Waste Collection is available by calling (503) 390-4000.


General Recycling Information

Residential service packages include a 95 gallon green cart for mixed organics, a 95 gallon blue cart for mixed recycling, and a small, red basket for items that require special handling, such as glass bottles and jars, used dry cell batteries, usable paint, and used motor oil, cooking oil, and anti-freeze.  Garbage and organics are collected weekly, but recycling collection is every other week, with the red basket always going out on the same week as the blue cart.  We provide you with a convenient, color-coded calendar that tells you which weeks to put out the blue cart and red basket.  Even if you’re not a regular, weekly garbage customer, you may be able to take advantage of curbside recycling for a small monthly fee.  We also provide you with a convenient, color-coded, three column recycling guide to let you know what can go into each container.

The Importance Of Doing It Right:

The viability of recycling programs depends on your careful observance of the guidelines regarding what can and cannot go into each container, and how materials need to be prepared.  Plastic bags or glass containers contaminating the materials in the blue cart cause equipment breakdowns and the loss of otherwise usable materials.  Un-rinsed containers create a biological hazard and can result in DEQ levying fines against the facilities that process those containers.  At the very least, contaminants result in waste and inefficiencies that are harmful to the recycling system and commodity markets as a whole.  Your attentive observance to recycling guidelines protects one of the most effective recycling programs in the country, and helps to preserve Oregon’s precious natural environment for generations to come.  Thank you for doing it right!

Mixed Recycling

Download our Mixed Reycling Guide below:

Curbside Recycling Guide