Prescheduled Collections:
To avoid traffic, normal collection routes run Monday through Friday from 6am to 2pm. Our office is normally open weekdays, 8am to 5pm. We work all holidays except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. If one of those lands on a weekday, routes run one day late through Saturday.


The best way to help the environment (and reduce your monthly budget) is to become a Waste Prevention expert. The extraction of resources and the manufacturing and transportation of new products creates the most waste, so your greatest impact comes from looking upstream toward Buying Smart and Using Less Stuff. You can become a Waste Prevention expert!

Clean-Up Time!

Bulk Pick-Up & Clean-Up

For locations in our service area only.

Got Extra Trash?
Cleaning a Basement?
Cleaning a Garage?
Moving Out or In?

Call Valley Recycling and Disposal to handle all your Junk Hauling needs and save money today!
We’ve been removing junk since 1957…We remove anything: garbage, old furniture, tires, appliances, yard waste, construction debris. We’ll get it done FOR YOU!

Tired of Writing Checks?

Enroll in Valley’s new automatic payment program! To start this program, simply complete the authorization agreement, attach an additional voided check, and return them both to our office with your next payment. Click on this post or go to the Resources page above.
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Learn more about service information in the City of Keizer.
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Learn more about service information in the City of Salem.
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Learn more about service information in Marion County.
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Learn more about service information in Polk County.


These helpful videos come from Marion County’s website.  If you have any questions about what’s acceptable in our program, visit our Resources tab, or feel free to call our office directly at (503) 585-4300.